Political Prophecy

Political prophecy is the use of sayings about the future attributed to figures from Europe’s past, used to make claims about Europe’s future, and encourage people to act in particular ways.

One strand of my work focuses on the Anglo-Scottish tradition of political prophecy from the medieval through to the modern periods. Other scholars have been interested in what political prophecy tells us about politics. I am concerned with what it tells us about belief.


‘Scottish Political Prophecies and the Crowns Of Britain, 1500-1840‘, in Julian Goodare and Martha McGill (eds), The Supernatural in Early Modern Scotland (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2020), pp. 107-126.  View Online | Find in Library

Examines the development of the Scottish tradition of political prophecy in the period, through an examination of the development and changing reception of its most important text, The Whole Prophesie of Scotland, which circulated in manuscript and print between 1500 and 1840.


  • A website chronicling the manuscript and printed editions of The Whole Prophesie.
  • An edition of the texts of The Whole Prophesie.

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