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Hello world


My name is Michael Riordan and I have fairly recently graduated from Cambridge with a PhD which explored mystics and prophets in Scotland during what we historians like refer to as the long eighteenth century, the period running from the Revolution of 1688 to the Great Reform Act of 1832 (or something like that).

After living in libraries and archives for the last few years, I have finally decided to get out into the open, and embrace the electronic age. This is not my first blog post (I wrote one yonks ago while an intern at Index on Censorship), but I really haven’t embraced this digital humanities thing with the same relish as some of my colleagues, who will have to forgive the fact that I forgot to purchase blogroll prior to writing this.

On this site, and elsewhere, I have used my middle initial ‘B.’ (for ‘Benjamin’) to distinguish myself from a colleague at Oxford who works in a similar area.

I intend to use this place as a route in to the strange new world of cyberspace, to engage with both my fellow scholars and the general public. Hopefully we’ll all find something new and useful in the exercise. Continue reading