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I am an independent historian, a post-doc among many looking for employment. My work focuses on the religious and intellectual history of early modern Britain. I recently graduated with a PhD from the University of Cambridge, where I benefited from the exceptional pedagogical skills of my supervisor, Prof. Mark Goldie. My thesis explored various aspects of mysticism and prophecy in early modern Scotland, from the Whole prophesie of Scotland, a prophetic defence of the Stuart regime, to the late eighteenth-century Scottish prophetess, Elspeth Simpson, who believed she would be ‘translated’ into Heaven, in a ‘Rapture’ familiar to American evangelicals, and British viewers of the Simpsons.

Since I graduated, I have trained my focus onto the mission of the French prophets who toured Scotland between 1709 and 1716. I have written an article on the Scottish leg of the prophets’ mission and produced a selection of their letters, both of which will appear shortly. I’m hoping in the next few months to make my own tour of the places they visited, and who knows, I may gain divine inspiration along the way — watch this space.

My big project at the moment is a book which uncovers the milieu of moderate Episcopalians who surrounded the Scottish bishop, Robert Leighton. It explores how this group developed a theology of moral reformation, and examines the impact of their ideas across Scotland, Britain and Europe.

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